Spring Lake Studio

Sharon Lange's West Michigan art studio overlooking Spring LakeOur Home and Custom built Artist Studio is now For Sale

Sharon Lange’s portrait studio is located on Spring Lake at the artist’s home in Spring Lake, Michigan. This picturesque location is only a 3 1/2 hours drive time from downtown Chicago and 40 minutes from Grand Rapids along Michigan’s west coast. The studio was custom designed and built in 2007 and has many amenities that any artist would treasure. These include:

  • 2 story windows providing north light with an integrated natural light supplemental lighting system. This system, designed by Rich Lange simulates natural light not only in color and quality, but direction and intensity

    . Sharon is able to control the lighting to stay consistent whether working on a bright sunny day, during a cloudy and rainy day, or late into the night.

  • An ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system keeps the air in the studio fresh and the odors from solvents and oils to a minimum. This system exchanges fresh outside air with the interior air, without losing significant amounts of heat or cooling, depending on the season.
  • In addition to a 7ft. portrait easel, the major area of the studio can accommodate a large platform for “painting from life” sittings with several models and the 18 ft. ceiling easily allows the use of professional lighting equipment.
  • The loft of the studio contains Rich’s office as well as some equipment and prop storage.
  • The lower level also includes a prep room, utility/cleanup room and a powder room for model preparation and wardrobe changes.
  • A small gallery space connects the house to the studio. Visits to the gallery and studio are by appointment only and can be arranged by phone. Call 616-296-0223 to schedule an appointment.

Stuido of Sharon Lange, oil portrait artist