About Sharon

Portrait artist Sharon Lange in her studioSharon is an accomplished portrait artist with a passion for the classical romantic style

She has spent more than 15 years researching and experimenting with the classical painting methods and techniques of the Old Masters.

Her current technique is a derivation of what many refer to as the Flemish technique. This technique highlights the complexity of flesh tones and creates a luminosity that makes the painting look as though it is lit from within. One truly must see her originals to appreciate the tonal values this very laborious technique produces.

Sharon started drawing faces when she was 7 years old and asked her parents if she could have a paint by number set when she was 11.  On that birthday she promptly opened the set, flipped the canvas board over and proceeded to create her own painting on the back much to their surprise. While in high school Sharon studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University with a major in Visual Communication earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Sharon has enjoyed a career as a successful corporate executive and has lead creative departments in the Marketing Services and Corporate Communications areas.

Sharon has a strong commitment to representational art and believes that your home decor should reflect that which you cherish most – namely the family. While landscapes and still life paintings have their place, nothing is more compelling than artworks that feature family members prominently displayed in the home. While a generic landscape or mountain scene can be very emotive and coordinate the look and feeling of a room, much more interest and conversation can be elicited by a painting that includes members of the family. Read more about Sharon’s philosophy of decorating with personalized art.

Rich LangeRich Lange

Rich is responsible for marketing Illustrating What Matters Most as well as the general business operation and pricing. He handles any financial agreements and gallery relationships. If you have questions regarding pricing, sponsorships or marketing programs, please contact Rich at rich@mattersmost.com.

Rich has a background in both photography and marketing. As a professional commercial photographer he worked with several notable photographers and later became the Director of Marketing for a large professional photographic retailer. Rich most recently serves as the Director of Web Experience for a regional health insurance plan. This background has prepared him as the perfect compliment for Sharon’s artistic talents. She is able to concentrate on what she loves most – painting, while he manages the business and marketing efforts and also assists with photographing (digitally documenting) the sittings.