Commission Process

Ella BellaThe Planning Meeting

This can take place at the studio after a visit to view original works, however Sharon prefers to have this meeting in your home so the she can consider the decor of the planned location for the portrait. Of course you will want the subject(s) for the portrait to be present so Sharon can begin to develop a rapport – especially important with children.

Sharon does consider posthumous portraits, however will need to see as many pictures as possible to determine if she will be able to accept the commission.

The Sitting

While the Spring Lake Studio can be used for the sitting, it is more important that the subject(s) be most comfortable and relaxed in the environment selected. The location of the sitting will be worked out during the planning meeting. During the sitting we will take dozens, if not a hundred or more, digital images so the the subject(s) do not have to pose for extended periods of time. Sharon will make sketches and notes to fully document the sitting and give her everything needed to produce the highest quality final portrait.

Artists Sketch and Approval

Sharon will present a sketch of the composition for you to approve. Any adjustments can be made at this time. We want you to be completely delighted. Once you approve the final sketch a 50% deposit for the final cost of the portrait will be collected.

Portrait Painting Process

Sharon’s Old Masters technique is very time consuming and averages 3 months for a typical portrait with one to three subjects. Narrative works take longer. The painting can be delivered at this point, however please note the the final varnish layer cannot be applied until six months after the final brush stroke. We will work with you to make arrangements for this if you choose to opt for early delivery.


We will be happy to recommend, procure and frame the final work at your option. We have access to a wide range of appropriate frames ranging from simple to ornate which are generally best chosen once the work is complete and can complement the painting’s color palette and your decor. Pricing for the frame is quoted separately.


We enjoy delivering the final portrait in person. You may want to consider inviting family and friends to this event. Final payment will be collected upon delivery.


Pricing for Sharon Lange original oil portraits begin at $3,000. Please call to discuss your commissioned project: 616-296-0223